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LPA’s Advertising Division is a marketing solutions provider built to serve advertisers the sort of innovation that drives spending in the evolving marketplace. Our mission is to deliver an advertising opportunity that merges cutting-edge technology, forward-thinking solutions and unity across Louisiana’s most important news environments. Our approach creates unprecedented scale for advertisers to tap into with a sense of clarity, simplicity, and speed.

Our driving philosophy is one of supporting what we call “mission-based media.” LPA is proud to support the urgently needed work that real journalists do. We know that if we deliver marketing solutions that deliver results to advertisers and agencies, the journalism about which we all care deeply will be better supported. Everyone who works at LPA loves the news, sees the value of news to our society and the importance of supporting it. The news reports we have the honor of representing are all the labors of love and effort by people who have sacrificed greatly in the name of reporting the truth.


(225) 344-9309| 404 Europe St.| Baton Rouge, LA 70802