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Media Placement 

This is where we shine. We have nearly 80 years of experience executing thousands of campaigns, working with agencies and clients to ensure their brands are placed most effectively. Inside Louisiana or nationwide, we can find the audience right for you.  

Campaign Management & Proof of Performance

LPA’s campaign management service stays on top of execution. The service includes tracking media costs to ensure the campaign is within budget while optimizing the campaign for best performance. We utilize our cutting edge tools to manage, optimize and measure your campaign to maximize results on all platforms. LPA keeps an open dialogue with the client during the campaign period while providing detailed reporting.

Newspaper Media

Locally and nationally, we offer a variety of ways to utilize newspaper media's strong brand trust and desired audience to help you succeed, including:

  • Display Ads (print and digital)

  • Wow products, such as front page strips or banner ads, spadeas, wraps, etc.

  • Inserts

  • Video

  • Custom print solutions

  • Exclusive print and digital networks

Hundreds of options simplified. 

One order, one bill, one payment

Between hundreds of newspapers and more and more digital options each day, LPA makes your job easier as your one-stop shop partner for media placement. We work with newspapers and other partners to negotiate rates, traffic creative, provide proof of publication and custom client portals to monitor campaigns. With our expert knowledge and experience, LPA provides superior service. 

Targeted Audience

In newspaper media, we have targeted networks, such as our ethnic and multi-cultural network. In addition, we provide top-line digital solutions, such as:

  • Programmatic and lookback targeting

  • Geo-fencing

  • Device ID Targeting

  • Address and IP Targeting

  • Search Retargeting

  • Email Marketing

  • OTT

  • SEM & SEO

  • Video

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