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Our Services

There’s no universal formula for success. No matter the company size, every company is unique and requires round-the-clock attention from industry experts to deliver placement and content that will connect them to their audience. That’s where we come in.

Insight & Consulting

Whether it's large corporations or small non-profit agencies, we work with each individual client to identify campaign goals and develop tactics to achieve their desired business results. It is our practice to set metrics of success for every campaign, so together we measure results.

Scalable Advertising with Exclusive Networks

LPA Marketing offers exclusive network ad programs in print and digital. Our networks are unique because they are comprised of the most respected local newspapers and news sites across Louisiana ensuring brand safety in a trusted environment. 

Creative Services

Our creative services include print and digital ad conception and design, as well as video, landing page development and the production of social media advertising and boosts. LPA Marketing works with cutting edge designers to deliver compelling work.

Media Placement

LPA Marketing streamlines the media buying process. We negotiate competitive ad rates, provide detailed quotes, and upon approval, reserve print space or digital inventory with Community Forum publishers. Our service includes ad traffic, digital billing and proof of publication. 

Brand Content Studio: Content Generation with Reach

Anyone can produce content or post a story. What makes us unique is our top-quality writers and wide reach on the most trusted content platforms - print, digital and social. ... from small Louisiana communities to the entire state.

Press Release Service

LPA Marketing simplifies getting news announcements to those who make decisions about publishing them, at newspapers, news websites, radio and TV stations around the state. Reach a potential audience of millions of Louisianans. 

reading newspaper-web.jpg
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