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  • Since you're owned by the Louisiana Press Association, is print newspaper advertising your only offering?"
    As the world has transformed during the last three decades, so have we and our members. We can place your message in print and digital formats, as well as in our exclusive networks. We do more than "display ads," offering content generation, email blasts and more. More than anything, our approach is to deliver based on your needs and desired business goals.
  • Given the current digital trends, is advertising with newspapers a good idea?"
    Like all marketing, it depends on what you're trying to accomplish and who you're trying to reach. It's also important to remember that "newspaper" means so much more than print alone. According to a 2021 Coda Ventures Market Study, the audience profile of newspaper readers shows they are affluent, educated, engaged and influential. Furthermore, we can provide breakdowns based on audience profiles and the best way to reach your target market, whether utlizing print, online, social, email or intergrated media reach.
  • Are you a marketing agency or a placement service? And what is the difference?
    We're both, though our roots are in advertising placement. The difference: A marketing agency can provide a full service of options, including research, creative and placement across many media platforms. A placement service often works with marketing agencies to help them meet their clients' needs. Often, placement services offer less in regards to creative aspects, but are more focused on certain delivery verticals and ensuring they're optimized. How we fit in: At LPA Marketing, we are a premier placement service and a limited marketing agency. For the latter, we offer creative, data and audience profiles on most digital and legacy media but not all. Many of our clients are agencies, as it allows them to focus their efforts on creative and other services to meet their clients' needs.
  • What makes LPA Marketing unique? Why should we use LPA ?
    Our experience, insight, partnerships and "ease" set us apart. Experience: While many agencies and placement services have been around for 10 to 20 years, we've been helping clients for nearly eight decades. Insight: Using data and proprietary tools, we work to find the right place and right audience for your message. We do that using a combination of Market Study, Device ID Look Back technology, Census Data and old fashioned research. Partnerships: We partner with the state and nation's top media and digital companies, which excel at providing desired audiences in brand safe environments. Ease: Often our clients are trying to reach multiple markets through a variety of platforms and media. We make it easy as your one-stop shop. You contact us, we do the rest ... from placement, proof of placement, reporting and more. We're here to serve you.
  • Can you place advertising outside of Louisiana?
    We can place your message in Louisiana and across the nation. We make your job easy with one contact and one bill. The time clients save working with us is often cited as one of our best benefits.
  • I only do digital. Why should I consider print?
    First, if you're only utilizing digital platforms, you should strongly consider newspaper digital advertising options, such as their websites, newsletters, branded content, etc. Their effectiveness is often double that of standard programmatic. Print and digital combined shows a 39% lift in performance than one by itself. Print also provides a tangible product that both clients and readers remember.
  • What kind of businesses do you work with?
    Our typical client is one who wants local targeting with regional, statewide or national reach. We work with agencies, government, healthcare providers, major businesses, and depending on the desired audiences, small businesses and non-profits. If you're looking to place your message in a single paper, we encourage you to reach out to them. If you don't have their contact information, give us a call, and we will get you in touch.
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