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"A+ service. A+ marketing partner. A+ ease."

Leslie Leavoy | Berni Consulting

Welcome to the Agency Easy Street

Running a full campaign can be stressful. We know. And we can help.

How much easier would it be to have one contact for all those media placements?

Someone who could ensure:

  • Campaign fulfillment

  • Monitor and optimize the campaign

  • Provide quality reporting

  • Provide proof publication in print?

  • Could do all that all that and provide all on one bill?

Take the burden off some (or all) of your media placements so you can focus on running the rest of the campaign.

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Newspaper Media Placement 

At Louisiana Press Marketing, we of course, provide regional and national marketing options when it comes to newspaper media, including but not limited to:

  • Print,

  • Niche and Magazine,

  • News websites,

  • Lead Generation

  • Events

  • High quality content generation and media placement,

  • E-newsletters.

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Full Digital Suite Placement

Louisiana Press Marketing can also help agencies with digital media placement, offering a full digital suite of options, including but not limited to:  
•    Content Generation
•    Lead Generation 
•    Device ID
•    Programm
•    Email
•    SEO & SEM
•    Social Media
•    OTT & CTV

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