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LPM Newspaper Digital Network

Brand Safe
Trusted Environment

Reach the communities your brands serve through authentic digital media with a local connection. Interactive display served on premium news media properties deliver three times the lift offered by non-premium outlets. 

Consider this:


Of LA Adults Get News From Digital Newspaper Media

According to a 2021 Coda Ventures Market Survey, digital readership of newspapers is strong, and it tops the list of places where people expect to find information when making a purchase decision.


Premium Network News Sites

Our Statewide Digital News Site Network reaches the most valuable and desirable demographic of affluent, educated and engaged consumers that are newspaper readers. Choose regions or statewide. 


The Lift When Combining Print and Digital 

When you combine print with any digital campaign, you see a significant lift in both web and foot traffic.

Case Studies

Case Study: 
Print plus digital equals tangible results

A Government Agency was trying to drive Louisiana adults to its website. Using the Newspaper Digital Network and print advertising, the results were impressive, especially once print was added to the mix.

Image by Luis Aleman
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