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Look at what Senate Bill 322 can do for you!

Higher Taxes 
More government spending
Higher crime rates
Poorer performing schools
Less transparency
More corruption

Contact your senator and local officials and tell them to stop this bad bill

Government trade associations will  create community job loss and trigger systemic negative consequences by limiting and regulating public notices in newspaper media under the guise of modernization and saving money.

SB 322 will cost communities more in the long run, open up the government to lawsuits, decrease governmental oversight, and provide less access than the current notice system.

Consider this:


Of Louisianans read public notices in local print and digital newspapers



Of Louisiana residents believe government should be required to publish public notices in newspaper media


Of Louisiana residents cite local newspapers and their websites as their most trusted source of public notices


Louisiana newspapers and websites ranked No. 1 for being relied on for local government news, nearly double government websites

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