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  • Jerry Raehal

How to save time, be better informed and help your community 

Updated: Jan 31


Perhaps you can relate.  

It’s early morning. You’re tired. You’re blurry eyed. You’re looking for something to help you wake up.  

Perhaps you “check-in” on social media and Apple news to get the latest updates on friends and news. 

And then you start scrolling. And scrolling. And before you realize it, you’re running behind schedule, you’re not any more awake, and not much better informed than before.  

I can relate.  

That was my normal morning routine for the longest time. But I changed my habit and found that it saved me time, helped me be better informed and without realizing it, helped my community. 

What was the change? Instead of using my phone to look at social media, I use it to read the local newspaper through its e-Edition, which is a digital replica of the printed newspaper. 

In survey after survey, newspaper media ranks as the most trusted media, in part because of the coverage they provide, but also because of their fundamental format. Network “News” is mostly opinion with a little news while community newspapers tend to be mostly news with an opinion page or two.  

The e-Edition in particular works well for me for several reasons:  

  • You can read it from almost anywhere on your phone or computer. For me, it means I can stay slumped in my chair while I’m still trying to wake up.  

  • You don’t have to recycle it.  

  • You have easy access to previous e-Editions, and depending on the newspaper media provider, other newspapers.  

  • You don’t have to worry about delivery issues from the carrier or the post office. I get an early morning email to my inbox letting me know the paper is ready or I can go straight to the newspaper website or app.  

  • If there is a story or photo that you like and want to save, you can download the page as a PDF and have a high-quality version of it. It helps recreate the tangible experience of newspaper reading.  

  • You can save money on the e-Edition as many newspaper media companies charge less for their e-edition than their print subscription.  

  • In addition to local and national stories, you can also see what the community businesses have to offer through their non-intrusive ad placements. In short, you don’t have to deal with the digital pop-up or take-over ads.  

  • The e-Edition format makes for a better reading experience than many websites due to its structure and experience (see point above about intrusive ads). 

  • There is a start and finish to the experience.  

Let me highlight that last point. There is a start and a finish. It caps my time.  

I get the hyper-local news that only a community news outlet can provide, and depending on the newspaper media company, I get the national news, too.

It certainly keeps me better informed than the social media “news” drivel. Let’s face it, social media companies’ goals don’t include keeping you informed or of lofty standards such as “bringing light to truth.” Their goal is to catch you in an algorithm, to keep you scrolling and trap you in your own thought bubble.  

Not only can you save time and be better informed, but by subscribing to your local newspaper – print or e-Edition -- you’re also helping your community. 

How, might you ask? 

Because the data is in, and it is clear that newspapers are vital to their communities’ health. Multiple studies have shown that areas that don’t have newspapers have higher taxes, more government spending, more corruption, worse healthcare, and poorer performing school districts.  

It’s only part of the ripple effect. Other news media depend on newspaper media to do their jobs. Newspaper media accounts for 50% of all original news reporting despite making up only 25% of the news eco systems. In other words, what news will other outlets have if they can’t “rip and read” from the newspaper?  

By subscribing to the paper in print or digital (or both), you help that newspaper stay viable in intangible ways as noted above but also tangible ways, as many newspapers donate to local charities and help promote local events and causes.  

By subscribing to the e-Edition only, you actually help the paper invest more in community journalism, as there are no print, ink, delivery or production costs.  

Save time. Be better informed. Help your community.  

It’s as easy as subscribing to your local newspaper.  

So, when next you rise from slumber, grab your coffee and newspaper or e-Edition. One will wake you up. The other will open your eyes.  

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