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Lead & Data Insights ... with Reach

Tired of lead generation ideas that don’t produce results? With LPA Lead Gen and Data Lab, we work with you to produce fun and engaging ways – such as sweepstakes, surveys and quizzes – to not get just leads, but next level data and leads.

More than that, we use a multi-media approach to generate more buzz and more engagement. It’s lead gen. But with a reach.

Why Lead and Data Gen?


As privacy regulations become more stringent, collecting and using first-party data can help businesses remain in contact with valuable customers as well as help businesses stay compliant with current and potential laws. Customers have more trust in brands that are transparent about data collection and usage.

How it works


We work together to brainstorm and establish an engaging concept to collect leads and/or data.

You provide a prize. 

 Campaign DESIGN

We take it from there! We present and deploy the best media mix to meet your target audience. We take care of media placement and management, as well as lead management. We can even provide the creative.


You get a list of warm and hot leads and any associated data when the campaign is over from people who have said, “Yes, send me your information!”

Case Studies

Case Study:
Lead Generation campaign results in 3x ROI

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